free audio books,about french literature

If you like learning french and mastering, this web site can help you, it offers you Audio recordings of the masterpieces of French literature,such as : victor hugo, Gustave Flaubert, Gautier Théophile, Becker, and Voltaire...Etc

ther are about 733 work,in forma mp3.

visite the web site:
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French cheese useful web site

A web site that talks about cheese in france , the french cheese are very famous , it has a worldwide reputation

Ther are between 350 and 400 of the type french cheese , evry day of the year eating a different type of cheese

You are restaurants and you want to create a menu based cheese , this site is at your desposition even if you have creamer , they give you good advice

the name of this web site is Univers fromages it's french , and it means in english Universel Cheese

Brief comment : the site is in french

Visit the web site of the french cheese :

The picture at the top , taken from

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The best site of translation

Very nice website for the translation,i think is the best site of translation,site design is simple and bueatiful,you can translate 34 languages.
nicetranslator or NT is One of the wonderful free services of Google,These are some of the available languages on the site:
if you have problem to chat with your friends from any countries, this site offers you the best solution
ther is the site

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Make money with Youtube

YouTube has launched a program to share advertising revenue with users

it would be good to make your own successful chanel on youtube , and to publish original video , like that you will get a big trafic and you will make lot of money.

many advertising prefer now working with the online video sites ,the future is for this kind of net working.

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The Alternative of the chat programs ILOVEIM

You do not need to download these programs Gtalk,yahoo,AOL,or MSN messenger, only use this site ILOVEIM if you want to chat or talk with your friends on the Internet

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